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My First Blog Post!

As the title suggests…

Some would say i am too late to jump on the bandwagon. In my defense, i am lazy!

What made me start writing a blog is this Ruby (and Rails) programming course series from TeaLeaf. At the time of writing this, I am almost about to finish the first of the three courses.

So, at least to start with, i will be writing mostly about my learnings during the course(s) and related stuff, posting links to websites, screen-casts that i find interesting, and of course, my 2 cents about the related stuff.

As i start out, the primary aim for this blog would be to serve me (and other similarly-abled people) as a reference to the tips/tricks i would be learning and discovering as i progress. Nothing more to that, i guess. But who knows, it might have a bit of digression every once in a while.

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